YPIA is organized into several committees which head programs focused on different areas of the world. If you are interested in joining a committee, contact us using the email addresses listed below.


Africa Program

Twitter: @YPIA_Africa


The Africa Program serves as a resource for professionals interested in African development, politics, culture and history. It provides a forum for discussion of emerging African issues and a nexus for the exchange of cultural perspectives from African professionals. We aim to function as a neutral space for the complex conversations and a venue for African based cultural events. The media often fails to show the beauty of Africa and it's people. Our vision is to give you a closer look at the African continent, not solely focused on the conflicts but also on the innovations and positive aspects in each country. We invite all professionals interested in Africa, African people and development to join our group.


Americas Program

Twitter: @YPIA_Americas


The Americas Program is dedicated to educating young professionals on the current events, history, and cultures that make up the Western Hemisphere. We aim to provide an environment and programming that fosters a more nuanced understanding of a region that is often taken for granted through interactive discussion forums, guest speakers, and professional development workshops. Our goal is to bring together those who are already have an interest in the region while reaching out to other professionals who have yet to discover their own interest in the region. As such, we invite anyone and everyone to be a part of the Americas Committee!


Asia Program

Twitter: @YPIA_APAC


Having become one of the key strategic regions for U.S. foreign policy, many professionals seek to

broaden their knowledge base and develop connections on matters relating to the Asia-Pacific region. Whether it is a policy wonk seeking to engage with an expert in another industry, a trade professional wanting to deepen their understanding of the role of geopolitics, or a college student simply looking for a group to parlay themselves into their new career, the Asia Pacific Program provides a great atmosphere for anyone interested in learning more about the region in an affable environment.


Europe Program

Twitter: @YPIA_EUR


The YPIA Program on Europe and Eurasia hosts events that will foster a better understanding of European and Eurasian politics and culture. This includes discussions, speaker events, dinners at European restaurants, happy hours and more. We will also host events that explore the role Europe plays around the globe. We invite anyone with an interest in Europe and Eurasia to join!


Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Program

Twitter: @YPIA_MENA


The Middle East and Northern African region lies at the crossroads of Eurasia, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Indian Ocean. At its heart, it is a pair of paradoxes; a hot, arid climate that is surrounded by the fortune of crude oil. It is the cradle of ancient civilizations and being so has produced some of the greatest advancements and also conflicts in human history. There is a constant friction between peace and conflict that has been caused by either external world powers or internal local forces and movements. The MENA Program aims to provide a space for understanding the diverse landscapes of politics, ecology, culture, and security in the region. We invite people from different cultural and political backgrounds to view and discuss the beauty of the Middle East.