Volunteer Opportunities

YPIA is a 100% volunteer run organization. If you are interested in being a part of our dedicated team, take a look at our volunteer openings below!








YPIA is currently seeking a new President to lead the organization alongside an engaged and dynamic group of volunteers. The President reports to the Founder and works collaboratively with the Board of Directors and Advisory Board in leading administration and the maturation of the organization. Specifically, the president will ensure that YPIA’s financial, operational, advertising, human resource, technology, and programmatic strategies are efficiently and effectively implemented.


  • Executing the vision and goals for the organization through facilitating cooperation with key stakeholders and effective communication between relevant parties

  • Leveraging external stakeholders towards organizational growth

  • Planning and socializing organizational priorities

  • Managing executive and program staff to track milestones and task completion.

  • Developing measurable and meaningful success/failure metrics

  • Working closely with the Director of Operations to establish novel sources of organisational revenue

  • Facilitating the professional development of YPIA volunteers through promoting opportunities to increase skills, contacts and viability in the organisation

  • Representing YPIA publicly to senior leaders in industry


  • One year of demonstrated experience in leading membership organizations, either in a volunteer or paid capacity

  • Effective written and oral communication skills

  • Superior personal encouragement and conflict management skills

  • Ability to multi-task and balance competing priorities

  • Ability to think analytically and innovatively

  • Efficient meeting management and facilitation skills

  • High level of knowledge in international affairs issues

  • A self-starter who take initiative with limited direction

  • Flexible for sporadic (but infrequent) daytime meetings with advisers

  • Able to contribute meeting space (desired)

To apply, send your resume and a cover letter to kmordhorst@ypiadc.org by June 27, 2019.

YPIA is currently seeking a highly organized and detail oriented Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Operations Officer (COO) reports to the President and works in collaboration with the Executive Steering Committee (ESC) to ensure smooth operations of YPIA operations and finances. Skills required include the ability to work cohesively with others, strong record-keeping skills, and some background or familiarity with finances and analytics. The COO is expected to track and maintain organizational paperwork, manage a budget, and assist with fundraising.


  • Work together with the program teams and the Executive Steering Committee to compile and implement an annual budget.

  • Continually track program expenses for adherence to the budget and work with program and executive teams to make necessary adjustments

  • Issue reimbursements in a timely and process oriented manner

  • Analyze financial trends that offer insight into current finances, effectiveness of different initiatives, and future projections

  • Work with the teams to ensure that standard operating procedures are created for each of YPIA’s main processes and updated as needed

  • Maintain organization documents and ensure all legal designations remain current

  • Contribute to the development of organizational strategies

  • Attend monthly board meetings


  • Strong background in finance and budgeting

  • Strong background in project management and tracking

  • Ability to work in teams as a leader to ensure projects reach competition

  • Self Starter who is able to manage work without much direction

  • Attentive to Detail and able to complete long and complex documents


Program Assistants develop YPIA's most well-known portion of the organization: our events. Program Assistants work closely with our Program Directors in developing, planning, and hosting regionally-focused events.

Tasks may include

  • Brainstorming, researching and moderating discussion groups

  • Networking and recruiting event speakers

  • Moderating book clubs

  • Facilitating happy hours

  • Executing event logistics management including space acquisition and collecting admission costs

  • Promoting events through personal and YPIA networks

  • Event management and support including introducing speakers, moderating discussions and promoting membership

We are currently recruiting for the Americas, Africa, and Middle East & North Africa Programs.

The ideal candidate:

  • Can dedicate 5hrs/wk and attend two in person events per month

  • Has proficient email writing skills

  • Is not afraid to try innovative ideas and pursue uncharted territory

  • Is a self starter who can work independently without much direction

  • Is comfortable with public speaking to audiences of 10-30 people

  • Available at least 2 nights per month for events

  • Can be highly responsive to emails and correspondence

  • Has or is able to obtain a DC Library Card

  • Interested in networking and increasing their contacts

  • Willing to become a dues paying YPIA member ($15/year)

  • Adherent to the YPIA Code of Conduct 

Membership Director

The Membership Experience Manager plays a key role in ensuring that new YPIA members feel welcome to the organization. Under the leadership of the Vice President of Development, the Membership Experience Manager will complete the following tasks

  • Following up with non-members who attend open house events

  • On-boarding new members to membership benefits

  • Facilitating Communication with members including upcoming events, career opportunities and relevant communications

  • Managing communications logistics for members only events

  • Hosting new member orientations.

  • Coordinating upgrades to membership management software

  • Tracking membership

The ideal candidate

  • Can dedicate 5hrs/wk

  • Has proficient email writing skills

  • Is a self starter who can work independently without much direction

  • Can be highly responsive to emails and correspondence

  • Willing to become a dues paying YPIA member ($15/year)

  • Adherent to the YPIA Code of Conduct

Director of Media

YPIA is looking for a visionary leader who can oversee our media and public relations strategy

Tasks include:

  • Managing the Newsletter, Social Media, Website and Medium Blog Teams

  • Creating YPIA public relations strategy

  • Promoting YPIA events, job openings and career opportunities in YPIA media

  • Launching our Instagram account

  • Taking photos at YPIA events (or coordinating with Program managers)

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Can dedicate 5hrs/wk including attending one in person event per week

  • Has proficient writing skills in sensitive and strategic communications

  • Is a self starter who can work independently without much direction

  • Can be highly responsive to emails and correspondence

  • Willing to become a dues paying YPIA member ($15/year)

  • Adherent to the YPIA Code of Conduct