program assistant

Program Assistants develop YPIA's most well-known portion of the organization: our events. Program Assistants work closely with our Program Directors in developing, planning, and hosting regionally-focused events. This includes developing topics for discussion groups, brainstorming for potential speakers, logistics management, and event support.

Become a Program Assistant for any one of our six Programs: Western Hemisphere, Europe & Eurasia, Africa, Middle East & North Africa, Asia & Pacific, and Transatlantic Security.


  • Must be 18 years old or older
  • Must be a dues-paying member in good standing, abiding by YPIA’s Code of Conduct and Leadership Team Norms.
  • Must be currently aware of the region’s political and cultural pulse in order to develop thoughtful topics
  • Must report monthly to the Program Director(s), or a Point of Contact designated by the Program Director(s).
  • Must adhere to agreed-upon time commitment as assigned by the Program Directors


  • Report twice a month to your Program Director, providing updates on event progress
  • Must coordinate (or assist with) 1 event a month, ranging from Happy Hours to Embassy events
  • Must attend 1 event a month outside events you host
  • Research and suggests topics for programs and activities

If interested, please email a statement of interest and your resume to Ricky Gandhi ( and Ben Kissin (