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Who’s the Boss? A Discussion on Venezuela’s Escalating Crisis

  • Mt Pleasant Neighborhood Library 3160 16th Street Northwest Washington, DC, 20010 United States (map)

On January 23rd, the leader of the Venezuelan legislature, Juan Guaidó declared himself acting president and laid out a plan to bring change to his troubled nation.

The move was a direct challenge to President Nicolás Maduro, who recently had been sworn in to a second six-year term in office after a highly controversial presidential election in May 2018.

Venezuela is beset by unprecedented social and economic crisis. Skyrocketing hyperinflation, power cuts, and shortages of food and medicine have pushed more than three million Venezuelans to leave the country in recent years.

While Maduro’s government has not been able to rein in the economy, it has managed to consolidate power and undermine democratic institutions. This has left Venezuelans without meaningful avenues to challenge the country’s leadership.

Guaidó’s actions have been met with the support of more than 50 countries, including the US, the majority of Latin America, as well as other international leaders. However, in order to fulfill his plan, Guaidó needs the support of the security forces, who remain loyal to President Maduro.

How did things get so bad in Venezuela? Is there a solution to the crisis that may avoid additional hardship for its citizens? What role can the international community play in resolving the political stalemate?

Join us for the discussion!

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